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Before leaving a comment, please read & accept my T&Cs:

(1) I'm located in Singapore. Modes of payment I accept are POSB & interbank transfer and Paypal for overseas buyers.
(2) Prices given are inclusive of normal mail only.  I'm not responsible for lost normal mail.
(3) Registered mail at an additional $2.24.  I will mail between 1 to 3 days after receiving payment.
(4) I do not provide meet-ups or self-collection as I don't have a fixed location due to rushing in and out of meetings and I really can't guarantee that I'll be able to meet on time due to unpredictability.
(5) My stated prices are open to negotiations, please feel free to ask, but do not pass if I do not give a discount (I usually oblige and give a good discount), just try to haggle a bit more and you're likely to get what you want if you're able to pay really quickly (within a day or so).
(6) Requests for more pics will not be entertained, I will provide more pics if I feel that the stock photos do not justify the actual item.
(7) Kindly reply to all my emails when I email u, let me know even if u decide to pass. Dead buyers, stay away...
(8) If you need to use my pics, do inform me and credit me.
(9) For trades, the prices that are struck off apply regardless of who initiated the trade.  I am trading at the original price for which I got the item for or way lower, what more am selling at an even greater loss as the sale prices are heavily discounted.  I don't do mark-ups.
(10) No refunds and/or exchanges to be made once a deal has been made.

Just a note: Sold items have been removed for easier viewing, so please do not enquire if you can't see the pics.

Sgselltrade feedback: 107+/1- but there was no deal)
Personal feedback: 93+/0-
Shophouse feedback: 4+/0-

Sweet Maltese

Personal Feedback!

Hi all, if I had bought something from you or you purchased something from me or done trades, please leave feedback in the following format (remember to log in before commenting), thanks so much :)

where transaction took place:
feedback: positive/neutral/negative
Sweet Maltese

My ban list for spree organisers and online LJs!

Blacklisted spree organisers:
(1) ilovewh
(2) lovemiki/lullabysins

Blacklisted LJs:
twistanddrive.lj/ hercarclub@gmail.com
Read more...Some of the named people are blacklisted elsewhere too!Collapse )